“Sarkodie’s ‘Kanta’ is wack” – K.K Fosu

Speaking on Happy FM’s Showbiz Xtra, Saturday, KK Fosu said the content of Sark’s Kanta song is wack.

“If you put M.anifest on one side and you put Sarkodie on another side, there’s no way I wouldn’t pick M.anifest over Sarkodie. And it has nothing to do with Sarkodie’s music.

“Sarkodie’s ‘Kanta’ track is the wackest he’s done. Because I know what he can do. He could do better than this. It was a rush. Some of the lyrics and content were ‘nonfa’. He’s on top so definitely people will accept it.
“But if you listen to M.anifest, he never insulted but you feel the heat,”

“If you are doing a diss record, you don’t talk about women, politics and other side issues. You attack the other artist. But Sarkodie is on top now so no matter what M.anifest is down. They shouldn’t take it personal.

“We’ve done it before. It wasn’t productive. Just the fame.”