Who Is Joanna Clarkson? Jeremy Clarkson Sister And Family

Joanna Clarkson is the sister of the famous British television presenter, Jeremy Clarkson. She is the youngest of the three Clarkson siblings and is the only female in the family.

Joanna was born in Doncaster, England in 1965. She is the daughter of Shirley and Edward Clarkson, who were both teachers. Joanna has two older brothers, Jeremy and James.

Joanna attended the University of York and graduated with a degree in English Literature. She then went on to pursue a career in journalism, working for various newspapers and magazines.

Joanna is married to Mark Wilkins and they have two children, a daughter named Emily and a son named Jack. Joanna and Mark live in London.

Joanna is a passionate advocate for animal rights and is a patron of the RSPCA. She is also a keen supporter of the Labour Party and has been involved in various campaigns.

Joanna is a successful businesswoman and is the co-founder of the online magazine, The Week Junior. She is also the co-founder of the charity, The Joanna Clarkson Foundation, which works to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in the UK.

Joanna is a loving and supportive sister to Jeremy and is often seen attending his events and shows. She is also a proud aunt to Jeremy’s three children, Emily, Finlo and Katya.

Joanna is a strong and inspiring woman who has achieved a great deal in her life. She is an example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success.