Comic Actor Lilwin Explains How He Ended Up In A Wheelchair: ‘I Nearly Lost My Life On Set’

Kojo Nkansah aka Lilwin
Kojo Nkansah aka Lilwin

According to Showbiz report, Kumawood funny actor Kojo Nkansah popularly known as LilWin has been wheel-chair bound for the past five months. According to the report, the actor nearly lost his life while shooting a movie. Narrating what happened to the Showbiz, LilWin said he was playing the role of an armed robber and had to jump from a roof top only for him to be hanged in the air by a rope tied to his leg.

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“But for the timely intervention of other actors on set who rushed me to the hospital, I don’t think I would have been alive by now. What happened was really serious and I thank God for my life” he said.

Lilwin said despite being in the wheelchair, he is still able to shoot movies.

“Any movie you will see Lilwin in it in a wheel chair is real. I have shot movies in the wheelchair and I am glad producers love how I acted.”

Lilwin who has won the hearts of many Ghanaians with his witty antics said he was grateful to Ghanaians for supporting him and making him their number one comedian.

“I don’t joke with my fans at all because they made me who I am today and I will forever remain grateful to them. I might not be well but I hope to recover soon and give Ghanaians the best of me,” he added.