Confidence; Lady With Disability Sets Twitter Ablaze With Stunning Photos

There are a whole lot of myths/misconceptions which seek to explain why some people become disabled. And some of these explanations which are derived from religious beliefs postulate theories which are highly erroneous and give rise to stigmatisation. For example, a belief that being disabled is a punishment for one being wicked in his/her past life. Some also go on to explain that being disabled is a curse.

However, advancement in education via special education has revealed that being disabled does not result from any curse but mainly results from genetic defects, environmental/life events, unknown causes (because scientists haven’t yet figured out the entirety of the human body) and inacessible environments (which tends to worsen already existing situations of disability).

But the effects of the misconceptions are rather more pronounced and has ‘forced’ a lot of people with disability to coil into their shell.

However, a lady with disability known on Twitter as Salizwa has mustered confidence and has become a voice for people with disabilities. She wrote; “I will never be ashamed/embarrased of my scars. In fact, I see them as beauty spots”.

She posted stunning photos which can be seen below:

Salizwa’s secret? Self love coupled with intentionally ignoring negative comments.