Dapper Micheal : the millennial shoemaker

Being an entrepreneur is almost every youths dream that is why those who stand their ground and work hard to build their brand must be given the platform to tell the world about themselves and their businesses .

What is dappers avenue?

Dapper’s avenue is a brand name for my shoemaking company even though it is not a big place but we are hoping it gets bigger and better soon .

Why shoemaking?

I will say I was born with it because I love arts , anything concerning construction of materials .

What types of footwear do you make ?

I do make shoes,leather sandals,leather slippers and anything concerning the feet.

Mostly, we usually tag made in Ghana goods as products of low quality , why is this so and what makes yours different?

Is true some of the made in Ghana goods are of low quality I myself side with that but you can’t blame it on the makers,the people buying it want it at a low price therefore the quality is reduced but we have got great quality stuffs out there I’ve witnessed.

People you’ve made shoes for ?

I’ve indirectly made shoes for celebrities who I think their names should be reserved but directly I’ve made shoes for Ipappi ,David Mawuli ,Azee burner ,Amerado, CJ biggerman and Teacher Kwadwo…

Where do you see your brand in the next 10 years?

Just to see my brand out there being a household name.

Any advise for people learning a skill trade ?

Just be original, be yourself and never give up on your dreams despite the setbacks.



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