If some celebs or stars knew taking leave of absence from the art industry would only make them come back to their first love and start from class 1, they probably would not have left the game in the first place.

Every new day is a day of discovery, and also, the vicissitudes of life sometimes oblige us to change from doing one thing for the other – and so over the years, we’ve had some talents in the industry, exit for other life assignments such as:

Further education or pursue a course, relocate (out of Africa) to seek greener pastures or marry, shun media presence for personal reasons, amongst other reasons. It can be concluded that most of such talents left, under the delusion that they can come back to ride on their past fame or glory for prominence and relevance, once again.

Once Ghana Music Awards ‘Artist of the Year – Kontihene left Ghana to study Law in US

It may work in other jurisdictions, but in ours, it doesn’t and the factors are simply simple. If you leave, you create a vacuum for your compeers who were doing equally good but could not get a shine at the same era with you, a space to fill. Aside that, fresh talents are sired and they too enter to fill the space to the brim!

Again, when you leave, new styles of doing things emerge – so in coming back, you have to come and join the new trend or come and bore people with your antiquated style; or come and criticize new trends – which your bellyaches can never change them.

Hiplife/Highlife musician Nana Quame



Also, by the time you come back, more and more media outfits/platforms, would have sprung up, so promotion or publicity (in the case of musicians especially) becomes costly than former. Some of the media pals you knew or who helped you in the past, might have lost their influential positions or shun media practice.

Past false ego too is a factor: “When we started, where were you?” “The current guys are spoiling the game!””What they are doing is wack,” – – they talk and over talk; forgetting they come across as chesty or simply lame.

Hiplife musician KK Fosu came back to rant and affront

Few ones like Ded Buddy (now Qwesi – musician), Mickie Osei Berkoe (broadcaster/actor), Nana Quame (Musician), Kontihene (musician), are brilliant talents who were once on top of their game – but after many years of leaving the scene and coming back, it’s not working for them now. It’s as though they are aliens to the game and the people.


This leave of absence has caused the career-fade or sunk the trademarks of some of Ghana’s best talents, to the extent that, some of them are just wasting their talents at home or blaming current ways of doing things – which can’t be abolished just like that.

Hiplife musician Joe Frazier came back to question what is Tonga (By Joey B)

The probability of a popular celeb taking a leave of absence from showbiz and coming back to enjoy prominence as he or she used to, is very low – the facts my reflexion. Only few come back to break through – like Buk Bak.

Presspeep’s little editorial advice to our talents is that, if you leave the scene for whatever equally pressing or important assignment or opportunity, get a hardworking publicist or media coordinator to register your presence from time to time through publications online and print media.

You should also monitor the art scene – observe, read around, inquire, join the debate/discussion; make use of social media handles; simply put, continue to be relevant. Be updated – don’t be totally absent and silent! Your brand will die and you are to blame for it. Until then….MOTWUM!!

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