Mr. Eventuarry Bags New Deal As Brand Ambassador For Shell Ghana

Mr. Eventuarry, known in real life as Patrick Mensah has turned heads around with his unique style of laughing as well as his signature comments. Comments such as “you don’t know why is going on” and “nobody is not there anymore” have become a mainstay in Ghana and has become widely used jargons.

Recently, Mr. Eventuarry was in the news as he was reported to have parted ways with his manager after a show in Nigeria.

However, a photo shared on Mr. Eventuarry’s Instagram account has him on a Shell Ghana (an Oil industry company) Billboard.

Reports suggest that he has being signed on as a brand ambassador for Shell and it explains why his photo was used for the Billboard.

An obviously elated Mr. Eventuarry took to his Instagram handle and wrote:

“God is good”.


Royal Dutch Shell PLC, commonly known as Shell, is a British-Dutch oil and gas company which has its headquarters in the Netherlands and is incorporated in the United Kingdom.

It is one of the oil and gas superpowers and was the third-largest company in the world as measured by 2018 revenues.