Ghanaian Celebrities And Unnecessary Photo Sharing – When Will They Learn to Make Money From Their Social Accounts!

How many followers does Nadia Buari Have on Instagram – about 47,720 with 74 photos on her page. Yvonne Nelson has about 189,000 with almost 100 pictures on her timeline – and I think by now you get the idea as to where am driving my point at. Instagram is obviously the biggest photo sharing site online and if used wisely could profit users.

Most celebrities have this power which enables them to greatly influence their followers. Some die-hard fans will not mind walking around barefooted just because Yvonne Nelson told them to. Just recently a female fan got a permanent tattoo of Sarkodie on her body – And as any powerful protagonist will say “great power comes with great responsibility”

Yvonne Nelson will be busily sharing photos of foods she is about to eat or the shoes and Louis Vuitton bags she just bought – why don’t she find an endorsement deal with a company she can actually benefit from. The sad part of this is, the Louis Vuitton or Gucci products she is happily flaunting online pays her nothing for the free promo. Ghanaian celebrities can make money by endorsing various products and services in social media. Celebrities need not even be currently popular. Their famous names carry intrinsic value for advertisers, regardless of when they became popular.
A business minded person like Kim Kardashian uses her Instagram and facebook pages to promote her fashion line. Yeah, you might see Kim on instagram in a nice or daring outfit but that is probably one of the outfits from her own collections. She may not be the most talented celebrity in the world in terms of acting or singing, but she certainly knows how to maximize whatever she has to earn money. After all, this was the same celebrity who cashed in on a sex tape scandal that would have probably ruined other stars. She also had the guts to charge $2,500 to people who wanted to attend her birthday party.
Khloe Kardashian, Kim’s younger sister, obviously took her sister’s cue and took advantage of her huge popularity to make money from social media. Leveraging off her more than 8.3 million followers on Twitter as of the middle of August 2013, she now charges $13,000 for every endorsement tweet.


Sarkodie also lately uses his pages to promote his Sark collections and music, likewise Shatta Wale and others. Reality television celebrity Farrah Abraham has more than 840,000 followers and she tweets out her endorsements for various products for $390. Even Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion, still packs a punch in the advertising world as his more than 3.7 million followers are enough to command a $3,250 per tweet endorsement fee.
Don’t get me wrong here, I’m in no way condemning the sharing of some photos by celebrities on their own timelines as it is a good way for them to keep their fans up to date as to what they have been up to – but sometimes some of these pictures are simply unnecessary.
Take someone like Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh who spends most of her day on Instagram and twitter sharing photos of her many dogs, food and even as piteous as funny photos – I mean really Tonto!
So here is what I’ve observed lately on the various social accounts of some celebrities – below is a list of how some of your various celebrities make use of their social media accounts!
Nadia BuariAlways tweeting motivational messages and bible verses which would have been much helpful if none of her followers had bibles of their own.
Yvonne NelsonFlaunting pictures of her expensive LV bags and accessories,Clothing and others.
John Dumelo – Usually takes a photo of his face making silly gestures – so childish!
Deborah VannessaSharing photos of her colorful nails,outfits and weird make-ups she recently had.
Ghanaian Celebrities And Unnecessary Photo Sharing – When Will They Learn to Make Money From Their Social Accounts!
Juliet IbrahimConstantly wishing her family members and followers “happy birthday” like she keeps a calender of who is next to be celebrated!
Ghanaian Celebrities And Unnecessary Photo Sharing – When Will They Learn to Make Money From Their Social Accounts!
Lydia ForsonOn a normal day she may probably share a photo of her smiling face on instagram and most often sharing funny photos. If you want a good laugh then follow her.
Naa Ashorkor A “Selfie Freak”, she will take a selfie with anyone, from her co-workers to invited guests on her show. Check her instagram page and you’ll know what I mean.
We know it’s not easy to get endorsement deals in our parts of the world but I wrote this article as a wake up call to every celebrity whom it may concern – limit the unnecessary photo sharing on social media and learn to cash profits!



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