This was a really tough question posed by Johnnie Hughes, nonetheless, the tough talking Poloo, just as always, didn’t mince words.

The question? Poloo was asked by Johhnie Hughes whether she could stay without sex for 6 or more months. And Poloo’s answer was intriguing…..

She answered in the affirmative but with an explanation that she could only do that if her boyfriend still meets all her needs.

Perturbed, Johnnie asked Poloo to explain what she really meant.

Poloo then explained that today’s guys are sex addicts hence a lady’s refusal to meet her guy’s sexual urges could deny her of some of the goodies her guy gives to her. Moreso, a refusal to grant a guy’s sexual desires are mostly met with threats of the guys “going to get it from elsewhere”.

Speaking further on the issue, Poloo observed that the poor ladies are the most vulnerable -their poverty leaves them with no choice than to literally “use what they have to get what they want”.

Watch the interview below :

Was Akuapem Poloo spot on with her observation?