Not many persons are aware that charming radio and television presenter, Berla Mundi, is a Spirit-filled, heaven-bound, born-again Christian who is optimistic of seeing God someday.

She is one of the fastest rising showbiz icons and media voices in the country and over the weekend achieved another enviable feat when she hosted the 2016 edition of Miss Maliaka with ease, flair and tact.

In 2009, Berla was a mere Miss Malaika hopeful; she contested the pageant in 2010 and placed third and by 2016, she has become a host of the enviable pageant. She is a popular presenter on Live FM, GhOne Television.

“I was born into a strict Christian home and I do believe in heaven and hell. And yes, I am a born again Christian. I know I would go to heaven one day and I would see God. You need to believe in something and I chose to believe in God. God is real,” Berla told NEWS-ONE in response to a question about her religious beliefs.

In her usual characteristic jovial attitude, Berla added, “Look at my face, when you become born again, your face shines, isn’t my face shinning? I can’t remember when exactly I gave my life to Christ but I have always been born again.”


Berla justified her Christian faith, stating that “the good thing about Christianity is that it encourages you to live a very good life. So even if at the end of the day there is no heaven and there is no hell, the good thing is that you have lived a good life while on earth. And that is enough. Even though I know there is heaven, the fact that you have lived a good life is in itself okay. It helps you to maintain your principles in certain things, your virtues and make you a better person at the end of the day.”

Asked whether she was not perturbed about the notion that many churches have become business ventures, this was how Berla responded, “It is true some people have turned Christianity into a business venture and that is why you have to be wary of who you allow to deceive you.

“There are some very genuine people as well but at the end of the day, it is all up to you because you can still go to a very genuine man of God but if you do not believe in what he says, and you do not go according to the teachings of the word of God then you are still lost,” Berla added.