LITERATURE: “A Thousand-Boy kiss” (By Nana Sampson)

I have all but in a thousand ways
Expressed my love in thousand plays
With soothing words,full of rhymes
For that,i’ve done for thousand times
I am only a boy
With blood coursing through my veins
That makes me humane
I might be deeply flawed
I might be filled with youthful exuberance and all
But to find love,wasnt my fall
My mind lives in this memory
One, yet to come, for which ill relive in glory
11th of January
Now,lemme tell you what will happen;

My touch electrifies and sends shivers across your supple flesh
You blush and goosebump
I gaze into you intensely-watching,
Waiting for the right moment to swoop down
And claim you as my own.
A chaste cheek kiss will not do;
A quick lip kiss fails to satisfy.
So when will our lips meet and linger
Parting flesh, opening the
The wetness
The hot desire that burns within
The ache is so intense
It parches my very soul.
Then i strike with a thousand kiss
With every primeval lust in me
I emerge burnt
Burnt in lust and love
Charred ashes
Doubting my own masculinity
Doubting desirability to anyone, Much less you.
But like the phoenix
I am reborn:
In a Disney world
No lies,
Only ties
And stolen kisses all over.

I’m only a boy
What i have is what i give
I cant promise you love and a summer trip to Paris or the Bahamas
But i can promise love from a true heart
I cant promise you dinner dates in luxurious restaurants and all
I cant promise always to go with u to the movies or saloon
But i can assure you of an infallible love
And a thousand-boy kiss