Modesty: A Nigerian Man And His American Bride Celebrate Their Wedding Inside A Tricycle

To some, love is expensive and to others, love don’t cost a thing.

However, lately, marriage ceremonies have become very expensive so much so that some couples go for loans in order to stage gargantuan marriage ceremonies.

The convoy, the expensive receptions are just aspects of a “modern” marriage ceremony – just to mention a few!

However, a Nigerian man who found love with a white lady purported to be an American opted to have a modest ceremony in Adamawa state, Nigeria.

As shared by, L0la L0la to a popular facebook group, News Update & Inspirational Stories, the couple got married without the “normal” presence of a convoy of cars but opted to use a tricycle, christened in Ghana as “aboboyaa”, “praghia” or “Mahama camboo”.

See photos below: