Professional Pieces Every Lady Should Own

In the life of every lady, there are times when she needs to look professional, to feel professional and to behave professional.

Today, we are looking at professional pieces every lady should have, whether you are a student giving a project presentation, you are just an intern or even have gotten your first job or you are already in the working class.
These are the professional pieces you need in your career wardrobe.
1. A one step outfit

black dress
A dress with a longer hem and a good neckline would be perfect.
2. Black court shoes

court shoes
We know heels can be a pain, wearing them. In the working class, we recommend heels of 2-3 1/2 inches high.
3. A pair of flats

flat shoes
Sometimes we do not feel like wearing heels. They can be a little bit uncomfortable. To be in the comfort zone, flats are a life saver. A pair of black flats would be perfect and it fits every outfit you wear.
4. A classic white shirt

white shirt
Invest in one that is of a good material, easy to wash and easy to iron. Note that.
5. A knee length skirt

black skirt
A comfortable skirt with a professional colour (black, navy, grey etc) that can help you walk around easier is a good investment.
6. A perfect pair of trousers

Trousers are normally a great addition to your professional wardrobe. When you purchase one, make sure they fit perfectly and they are of the right length for you.
7. A jacket

Jackets add a class to your outfit when you wear any professional dress or even a business casual. Jackets can be worn on any outfit, that’s why we love them.
8. An awesome bag

A classic bag that can carry your belongings would be great. The bag should be big enough to carry all your necessities like phone, make up, keys, purse etc but it should not be too big.

9. African Wear

african wear

You know, here in Ghana, Fridays are days we wear traditional outfits. So invest in fabulous formal African wears to make your Fridays, Fabulously African.


Having these pieces would have you rock your professional gem with class and maturity.

All the best! And stay fabulous!