Charity Eke, popularly known as Chacha Eke Faani, is a Nigerian actress from Ebonyi State. Her rise to fame came when she starred in the 2012 drama film, The End is Near. Since then, she has worked her way to become a household name when Nollywood’s mentioned.

And just as has become the norm, female stardom and complex makeups have become a great couple…….. one cannot do without the other. If the ‘real face’of a female celebrity is seen, it becomes news.

Well, Chacha has tried the two and has declared that makeup is an unnecessary pressure females put on themselves to look too ‘shiny’ hence she has discontinued its use.

According to Chacha, a lot of people have become engrossed in the makeup business to the extent that they become unidentifiable when they are without makeups.

She also advised that people discontinue their use of photoshop and other mediums with the aim of looking better since the one who loves you, loves you with your ‘dirt’.

Watch the video below ;