Shatta Wale Is The Most Inconsistent And Confused Artiste – Arnold Asamoah Baidoo

Entertainment journalist Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has called out Shatta Wale as a confused and inconsistent artist following the State of the Industry address.

Speaking as a panelist on United Showbiz, Arnold said he is baffled by the blowing hot and cold attitude of the Dancehall artist. He pointed out that he is so disoriented that he doesn’t even know that Ghana has a unique genre already.

He said, “Sometimes Shatta Wale comes across as one of the most inconsistent and confused artists. A couple of months ago, before he traveled, Shatta Wale stood before the camera and insulted all presenters. Insulted all pundits. And insulted all analysts. Why? He said they sit on radio and tv to discuss industry matters and leave for their homes without any change.” He asked Shatta Wale to apologize to those he has insulted in the past because his press conference is the same thing that he criticized for years.

Arnold Asamoah then proceeds to tear up the State of Industry Address to sheds. He addressed the issues and shelved them in the appropriate categories, ‘Already in Progress’ or ‘Hypocrite’. Accordingly, most of the things Shatta Wale mentioned in his press conference has already been deliberated by industry stakeholders. And there were instances where Shatta Wale has fought against the commencement of these activities.

He mentioned that Shatta Wale has no right to ask other event organisers to manage major shows out of Accra. When he has had all his shows in Accra. He also recounted that in 2016, when MUSIGA introduced ‘Play More GH’, Shatta wale insulted Obour and ditched the move.
According to Arnold, these and more show that Shatta Wale is inconsistent and confused.

Watch the video below

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3News