The philospher, Immanuel Kant established the philosophy which is known as duty theory / deontologism. Deontologism simply means that for an act to be morally praiseworthy, it must be done not for the sake of some objective but simply because it is right.

Efia Odo has been towing this line all along. And it’s this philosophy that draws the line between religiosity and spirituality.

When Odo was asked how many retweets was needed for her to visit the disabled and less vulnerable at Echoing Hills which is located on the social welfare road in Madina, she quickly “thrashed” the idea of retweets. She asked for their location and and before those at Echoing Hills knew what was happening, she was there!

She spent time with the less privileged children. Moreso, she also came with gifts and had a lot of fun with the children. It’s an act of consumate genius – an act which must be applauded by all.

Efia Odo, says a big “AYEKOO” to you for putting a huge smile on the faces of these special children.