WATCH: Eno Barony Warning (Official Video)

YouTube video

“Warning” is an official music video by Eno Barony, a Ghanaian female rapper. The video starts with a woman singing, setting a serene and beautiful tone. However, the mood quickly changes as Eno Barony enters the frame, rapping with intense energy and passion.

Throughout the video, Eno Barony delivers her lyrics with ferocity and conviction, warning her detractors and enemies to stay away from her or face the consequences. The visuals are dark and moody, with dim lighting and ominous smoke effects adding to the song’s ominous and threatening tone.

The video also features brief glimpses of women in military-style uniforms, adding to the overall sense of strength and power that Eno Barony exudes. With “Warning,” Eno Barony shows that she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Ghanaian hip-hop, and that she will not back down from anyone who tries to stand in her way.