107-Year-Old Woman Says The Secret Of Her Stress-Free Long Life Is Not Getting Married

To live longer, they say, you must eat healthily, exercise daily but what this lady who just turned 107-year-old said is really surprising. She gives the credit of living a stress-free long life to never getting married. Louise Signore threw her 107th birthday party at the JASA Bartow Senior Center, New York. Louise was born in 1912 in Manhattan, New York however she shifted to the Bronx when she was just 14-year-old.

Woman Says The Secret Of Her Long Life Is Not Getting Married
Louise is a very happening and joyful woman. She always seems to be happy and with that has a great sense of humor too. She with her jokes cheers all her friends at the senior center too. One of her friend Deborah Whitaker says about her, “She’s got no walking cane, no wheelchair. She does all her shopping. She’s awesome.” She also says that Signore is really very strong as anyone could be. Aisha Papillon who is the senior director of JASA senior services also thinks something like this.
107-Year-Old Lady Reveals The Secret Of Her Stress-Free Long Life Is Never Getting Married

Louise revealed that she lives alone and that’s the reason for her stress-free long life. She dances and plays bocce which is a game played with balls. She exercises even when she is 107-year-old and plays Bingo after her lunch. She also revealed that not marrying was the best decision she made, her younger sister is married who wishes if she would also haven’t got married. Although she is not the only one in her family living so long. Her younger sister is 102-year-old all fit and healthy.

Woman Says Secret of long life is to not get married

Signore says about her sister that she is healthier than her as she does not even take any medications, however, Louise has high blood pressure tablets. Though she is healthier than any other could be at her age as she is 107-year-old but she says that old age has its own challenges. She recently went through pneumonia. Four years back she also had to face a theft in her apartment. But she faced all the challenges and live a happy life after all.

Healthy woman From New York Turns 107-year-old

Except this coming back to the standard secret of living a long life is having good food and Louise has it. She says Italian is very good and healthy with no soda or cake and keeps her healthy. Undoubtedly at this age too she looks so flawless and cheerful all the time. She surely is giving us awesome life goals.