Samuel Nana Yaw Dabo popularly known as Dabo is a Ghanaian actor who is very famous for his witty character. The actor who is based in Kumasi adores himself as‘Adwen Kessie’ (i.e big brain).
Here are 11 facts you probably didn’t know about this fast rising actor as compiled by
1. He is allegedly 19 years old, though other reports place his age at 26 years.
2. His decision to venture into movies was after his Junior High School education; he admits he wasn’t very brilliant in school. However, he says that his classmates are now excited to refer to him as their colleague. Kumawood actor, Dabo, opens up about his humble beginning, his rise to fame and what he does outside the movie industry
3. The driving force behind his decision to venture into acting is his size. People often thought less of him because of his size, and as such he decided to prove them wrong.
4. The “Megye Wo Girl” actor claims that his mother originally opposed his idea to venture into the movie industry, but is now supportive of it, after he made it to the top.
5. He comes from a humble home. He believes that starring in movies changes his fortunes.
6. Fellow actor, ‘Kwaku Manu’ is the one who introduced him to Kumawood
7. He has revealed that he has featured in over 50 movies. His favourite, he says, is ‘Amakye and Dede’, which also featured ‘Kalybos’ and Majid Michel.
8. He has revealed that he is quite rich, so money isn’t a problem for him at all. According to him, he even gives out loans to people, the minimum amount being GHc1000.
9. He says that the remuneration from working with Kumawood is meagre at the initial stages, but gets better as one progresses to the top.
Kofas takes a shot with Dabos Credit: OP Studios
Kofas takes a shot with Dabos Credit: OP Studios
10. He has always been passionate about football. He owns and solely finances three (3) football clubs; one for under 10 years, the second for under 14 years and the third for under 17 year old players. According to him, there is an erroneous perception that Ghanaian movie actors have no life beside the screens; that, he says is false. He added that his main objective is to assist the young and upcoming people in society through football.
11. He is convinced more could be done to support the growth of football in Ghana. To him, more attention should be devoted to football at the grass root level. He discloses that he is a very close friend of the president of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwesi Nyantakyi