Ways to Feel Better When Having a Bad Day


There are some days when you feel like screaming, “What’s wrong with today? Why is everything going so wrong?”

Those are the days you just want to melt to the ground and disappear and never be seen again. You burnt your dress while ironing it. You stepped on mud. You spilled a beverage on your desk. Everything went wrong. Or you just don’t feel right? Don’t worry, today, we are bringing you tips to be feel better when everything goes wrong, or when having a bad day.

Go for a walk.

Going for a walk can help make your day a bit better as you are experiencing a bad day. Plus, it’s an extra credit in the health department.

Do something helpful for someone.

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Sometimes, helping someone when he/she is troubled, helps us to forget about the bad feelings we were experiencing.

Watch a funny video.

EbabyKobby can come in handy. Or Mark Angel Comedy.

Write a gratitude list.

Write a list of things you are thankful for. This tends to make you more grateful, and you get to realize, your good days are much more than your bad days, and that will tell you, your bad mood won’t last.

Listen to uplifting music.


Studies shows that music has an influence on our mood, so put on some uplifting music to calm your soul. It’s not even wrong to put in some upbeat music of Shatta Wale and dance to it like no one’s watching.

Read inspirational books or quotes.


An inspirational book or quote can help you calm your nerves, or at least give you hope that the bad mood won’t last forever.

Do one of your hobbies or something creative.


Doing one of your hobbies, can help you feel better when having a bad writing your hobby? Write a poem! Is reading your hobby? Read an old book lying on the shelf! Is DIY and Craft your hobby? Turn old t-shirts into a fabulous item.

Bad days can be a pain in the neck, but I bet you, it won’t last and you will get back to your jolly mood.

Let’s Chat: What do you hate about bad days?

What do you do to kill those bad days?