16 Photos of Shatta Wale and Michy that proves they are destined to be together forever

Charles Nii Armah Mensah popularly known us Shatta Wale and his wife Diamond Michel also known us Shatta Michy are undoubtedly the most controversial couple in Ghana now.

Not a month pass by without the media being buzzed with some controversial thing either of them has done. Amazingly, they are the most adored celebrity couple in Ghana now.

They always stick up for each other when they are needed irrespective of who the opponent is. Even before Shatta Wale was truly Shatta Wale, Michy was there for him. Indeed the leader of Shatta Movement Family and his wife are made for each other.

Countless times have these adorable couple proven they are destined to be together forever.

When Michy decided to be part of history by joining her husband on stage performance.

Shatta Michy’s Birthday party where Shatta Wale presented her with a cake designed as peniz..lol

When they were captured exactly when Shatta was telling her how beautiful she was

when Michy stepped out with the shatta movement family and proved she was the queen of the family

How on earth can anyone forget this sensual kiss by this couple on live TV

When Michy showed her beautiful face without make ups with his king right beside him

That time when a roaring lion like shatta Wale was melt by Shatta Michy’s touch

This moment is still fresh on my mind

When Shatta couldn’t have enough of his wife.

Perfect couple and the love is deep

Pure rootical family. you got to love them even if you don’t want to

Number one celebrity couple in Ghana


Indeed this couple are destined for each other

love is everything to this couple

When the mighty lion was tamed by a touch




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