Ghanaian celebrities such as Efia Odo have taken it upon themselves to “fight” for the rights of the “ordinary Ghanaian” and in effect, the betterment of the nation -something we must be delighted about.

The influence of celebrities in building a nation cannot be underscored and it is a just a matter of time that one of such celebs rises to the occasion and occupies a top leadership spot in the country. Things cannot continue this way……things will surely change… is just a matter of time.

Never have I seen celebrities so livid especially with regard to that proposal to build a new parliamentary chamber….and Efia Odo doesn’t sound like one who is going to give up on her social media activism.

She posted pictures of schools in deplorable states and questioned our leaders on what they are doing to resolve such situations.

And to our leaders, Efia Odo isn’t done…..She’ll be back to throw more light on the inadequacy of staff in our hospitals.

That notwithstanding, Odo subtly made it known that nation building will take a collective effort as she used the word “we”.

Source: EOnlineGH.Com