Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan, popularly known as Trezeguet (named after France’s David Trezeguet), lately, has been fingered for underperforming. He was branded Trezeguet after his youth coach noticed striking similarities between the pair in both playing style and appearance.

Trezeguet made his debut for the Egyptian senior national side in 2014 and has since gone on to be a mainstay in the team.

In this AFCON, Egypt is Salah and Salah is Egypt. It’s not as if you can fault football loving fans from expecting a huge performance from Salah, the Liverpool FC forward. And as always, when the star man doesn’t have a field day, there must be a deputy – one who stands in and makes the difference.

In as much as Aguirre has tried/ is trying his best to ensure that Egypt doesn’t become a one-man team, the dependency on Mohammed Salah is crystal clear. The slick passing and one-two’s were done in order to make use of Salah’s attacking prowess. Salah did have chances but Edmore Sibanda and Elvis Chipezeze prevented him from slotting the ball into the back of the net.

The Egyptian fans may feel hard done by as they craved for more goals but they must find solace in the fact that a 1-0 win, regardless of the slim margin, is still a win.

To win a tournament, one needs a team. Mohammed Salah failed to find the back of the net but no problem…..Trezeguet proved his worth and showed that when the need arises, Egypt can count on him.

Source: Baiden Gideon/