“6 Feet Of Space” Launched On AU Day

On Friday 25th May 2018, various stakeholders in the entertainment and movie fraternity met at Paloma Hotel in Accra to take a twist to the Arts Industry particularly the film quadrant and its role in promoting African Unity.

Ghanaian Production Company, MESSIAH ENTERTAINMENT in collaboration with other Partners launched a press

In attendance were celebrated actor Fred Amugi, actress Roselyn Ngissah, Benjamin Nana Dwomoh – Doyen
CEO, Messiah Entertainment, Mawuko Kuadzi CEO of MK casting, casting director among others

“As major players of the African creative industry we believe that in as much as this day reminds us of our route and originality as one people, it is also important that we recognize that the creative industry through film making
is one of the broader ways of uniting this continent”

Messiah Entertainment also used the opportunity to also outdoor their upcoming international movie “6 FEET OF SPACE” which features a host of celebrated African cast with the main motive of fostering unity among citizens of the
African continent.


In 1969, the world was stunned by the decree ordering all non-Ghanaians without Residence Permits to leave the country. It was received with mixed feelings. Much as the exercise was primarily understood to be the only stem measure to rescue the country’s ailing economy from strangulation and alien domination, many on grounds of fellow feeling abhorred the way it was carried out.

Of course, those who hailed it did so on various grounds some personal, some patriotic. Those who condemned it did so for humanitarian reasons, though some saw in it a glowing opportunity to rail a scathing criticism against the
government in power.

Six Feet of Space, though a true assessment of the aliens’ situation, is the writer’s imaginative insight into how this social phenomenon affected a family in particular, and alien families in general, within the context of the aliens’ expulsion. By the time the film starts, Chief Amadi, a Nigerian national, had been living in Ghana for over twenty years, having settled there with his parents ‘when yet a boy’. All traces and reminiscences of home had been forgotten in the oblivion of long years. He had worked his way to wealth and had a Ghanaian wife with a son. He woke up one day as all days to face the hard-to- believe realities of life. How is he to solve the myriad problems that immediately face him emanating from the aliens’ expulsion order?

Six feet of Space is a piece that seeks to address the effects of artificial boundaries in Africa established by man to separate himself from his fellow man and the issues of xenophobia attacks in parts of Africa.