6 Ghanaian Startups To Watch Closely

Africa is fast becoming the technological hub of the world and Ghanaian startups are growing. And growing fast. The World Bank projects Africa’s growth to average 3.6% in 2019 – 2020. Funding has long been a challenge for African startups generally but this is changing in 2019 as the sector heats up and both investors and entrepreneurs start to see some of their long term efforts come to fruition.

Here’s our pick of 6 Ghanaian startups to watch closely.

Homechow App (Food Delivery)
The food delivery space in Ghana has heated up in the last couple of months and the Homechow food delivery app is leading the way. Homechow App has partnered with over 400 restaurants in the Greater Accra Region to bring your tasty meals from your favorite restaurants to your doorsteps. With courier officers in and around the city, all you need to do is pick up your phone, place your order through the Homechow app and your meals will be delivered to your doorstep. Its easy. Its convenient.

ReaderApp (Publishing)

ReaderApp provides a convenient way for self published authors and Publishing Houses to make available digital copies of their books to their fans and readers. Readers have the convenience of buying the book using Mobile Money, Visa or MasterCard. It is a simple fully automated system. ReaderApp gives you control over your royalties as a publisher. You can get your royalties directly into your any mobile money wallet in Ghana in less than thirty seconds.

Cedijob.com (Freelancing platform)

Cedijob.com is a freelance marketplace for businesses in Ghana. You can work as a freelancer, connect with investors and employers, post and find jobs in Ghana. Cedijob.com has a wide range of skills available on this platform. You can indicate your skill set in your profile. This makes it easier for others to know what you are capable of when they are in need of those who possess the qualities you have. This is the time for you to start advertising yourself online or post all manner of jobs online on a platform which is specially built to meet your needs in your professional field.

Nkyea Learning Systems (Linguistics)

Nkyea Learning Systems is where software engineers meet Ghanaian linguists to create African language-learning software products. The process of learning African languages, not to mention the effective use of terminologies by travelers, business and indigenous people, have been given a new perspective.

Asoriba (Religion)

A church management solutions project that streamlines seamless administration, effective data management and mobile interactions for church administrators and members, the Asoriba app enables detailed church information to be stored, as members can receive devotionals, sermons, event notices and send prayer requests while the church can receive tithes, offerings and pledges.

UncleFitter.com (Auto Mechanics)

UncleFitter.com and its mobile app aims to put your mechanic in your pocket. All you need to do is get on the website or download the mobile app and request and they will take care of the rest. They will dispatch a mechanic quickly and you can set your home and office address to help the mechanic easily locate you. No stress.