Can Arsenal win the EPL? Before the Boxing Day fixture with Southampton it seemed more likely. No, the defeat does not taint their title ambitions, it merely reminds the many Arsenal fans across the globe of the simple fact that, after all it’s Arsenal they support. It seems Arsenal detest doing anything easy. They have somehow managed to create for themselves their very own little domain somewhere in the land of extremes. When they win they do so fabulously, reminding everyone of their blistering pace and unhanded talent. When they lose it is almost always pathetically emphatic! Why Arsenal? Why?

Before the match they had the exuberance of a team determined to march its way to PL victory come May 2016. But what did they do, they fell apart systematically to a superior counterattacking side. It is actually marvelous how important Coquellin apparently is to this team. For all Flamini’s billions, he really is not the greatest destroyer around, and Ramsey is simply an attacker! Southampton overrun the Arsenal midfield, with Wayama keeping a close eye on the in-form Ozil.


An outstandingly talented footballer, in his third season in the Emirates, he has finally unearthed the magical formula for merging his undisputed talent with a substantial amount of physicality and mettle. He has been in fine form, but he remains Ozil. On Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, Carragher and Henry were asked to choose between Ozil and David Silva and they both chose Silva. Why? Because he is more involved. Ozil still remains a “killer-passer”. Most atimes he is isolated intentionally, as he puts himself in positions to release those killer balls to his forward teammates. So in this instant Ozil basically played right into Wayama’s hands. The more he did what Ozil does, the more Wayama found it easy to outmuscle him and effectively render Arsenal’s arsenal of attackers rather blunt (did you see what I did there 🙂 ).

What a 2016 Arsenal have ahead? Barca lie in wait. There forever remains the undying prospect of a rejuvenated Man City launching a more determined assault on the league title in 2016. This was supposed to be a sign from Arsenal to show they meant business, but once again Arsenal did what Arsenal does – make things unnecessarily hard for themselves. With Chelsea realistically out of the race for top-four let alone the title, and Man United lacking any ability to score a goal to save their lives, and Man City showing a rather disappointing level of consistently this season – this is Arsenal’s PL to win! Leicester might be doing some wonders, but no one (including me) expect them to be able to beat Arsenal to the punch! After all when they met in the beginning of this season, Arsenal showed them exactly how superior they were, winning 5 – 3 in the King Power Stadium. So with all the big boys flattering to deceive why can’t Arsenal win this title easily? Arsenal may go on to win the PL, but Gunners know firsthand that that will come with increased blood pressure, a few tears on their hearts and highs and lows so extreme many other club fans would not survive for even a day!