Aduana Stars striker Yahaya Mohammed is set to incur the wrath of the Ghanaian populace as he suggests that President Nana Addo reinstates disgraced GFA boss, Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi.

Nyantakyi resigned from his position as the GFA president after he was caught in the Number 12 documentary engaging in multiple acts of corruption and abuse of office as well as using the name of the highest office of the land [the presidency] to solicit for bribes.

This has made Mr. Nyantakyi the most wanted man in Ghana and any attempt to side with him will definitely meet a vehement display of outrage from the public.

In an interview with Atinka Fm, the former Asante Kotoko striker opined that “Kwesi Nyantakyi has done a lot for Ghana football and I don’t think he deserves what he is going through. I will ask president Nana Addo to forgive Kwesi Nyantakyi for using his name to take bribe. Let us give Kwesi Nyantakyi a second chance to run the FA again because what happened was a mistake and we need to forgive him. He is my biggest fan and if I am the president of Ghana, I will give Mr. Nyantakyi the second chance when a total overhaul is done at the GFA and I believe things will change. He is somebody’s father, son and a husband. Some people hate him and that is why they are behaving like that”.

Yayaha’s stance on this issue is incredible and one would have expected the striker to concentrate on his football rather than meddling into issues of intense national interest. For one whose tenure of presidency has led to a demise in our local league, it is very intriguing and thought provoking as to why a player of the league is sympathizing with him. At least Mr. Nyantakyi should have realized that he is a husband and father before coming up with such a notorious plot to dupe the nation.

For Yahaya to devote some part of his stand on the issue to hatred for Nyantakyi is also quite incredible. If anyone hates Mr. Nyantakyi then it is none but Mr. Nyantakyi himself.

Yahaya Mohammed should focus on his football rather than delve into this complex issue and incur the wrath of an already enraged nation.


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