“No Mercy” For Luis Suarez As Uruguay Crashes Out Of The Copa America

Luis Suarez could be a protagonist or an antagonist, depending on which side of the “coin” you belong. To some, he is daring and loyal but to others, he is a “spoilt man” who prefers gamesmanship over sportsmanship. Suarez is adored just as much as he is hated.

The name Luis Suarez doesn’t strike a right cord with Ghanaians and to a very large extent, most Africans and football loving people as his deliberate handball prevented Ghana from reaching the semi-finals of the 2010 World Cup, an incident not worth remembering – vis a vis so many other “football crimes”.

And so when his penalty miss against Peru prevented Uruguay from advancing to the semi-final of the ongoing COPA America, some people just wouldn’t feel sorry for him– “Karma is a bitch”, they said.

A distraught Suarez:

Below are some reactions: