Aidhub Africa platform supporting Sub-Saharan Africa to raise funds

Do you know anyone in need? Do you require financial or any form of assistance? Let us connect you to the world for assistance.
Facing their fears as young entrepreneurs into the Tech industry has created a crowdfunding platform in Ghana called Aidhub Africa for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Aidhub Africa is created by Trace Digital Cliniq, a Ghanaian owned company aimed at helping people in Sub-Saharan Africa raise funds to fulfil their dreams of starting, running and growing their own businesses, to get projects started, or to raise funds for charitable projects.

Aidhub Africa allows individuals, groups and organizations “Campaign Creators” to list campaigns and raise funds through experiences, donations, and/or services “Rewards” to new and existing Aidhub Africa members “Campaign Supporters”.


Create/Fund a Campaign
Create campaigns or meet people in need of access to education or education materials, healthcare, find a request that inspires you or an entrepreneur with a meaningful vision and donate as low as $5 to make it possible for them.

We Publish Your Campaign
When a campaign is fully funded, we transfer funds to the healthcare partner once treatment is confirmed. For health insurance, we do the registration for the person. When a classroom request is fully funded, we buy all requested materials and send them directly to the school. For entrepreneurs, we transfer the funds to them directly once their total funding request has been achieved.

We Give You Updates
We send you updates like photos, videos, cost receipts and thank you letters. You will know the impact you have made.
As both web and app-based technology, donation made on the platform are safe and secured.

The Aidhub Africa will soon be on the Google Playstore and Appstore for download.
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 Provide your mobile money account or bank account details.

For further information
Tel: +233 248 484 484 / +233 243 829 198
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

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Aidhub Africa, “bridging the gap between need and have.”