Ama K Abebrese & Kwaku Boateng Ankomah To Embark On An Acting Workshop

Kasa Mfoni, Accra, is a Creative, Networking and Showcasing events company has been away for a long time. A lot has been happening during their break, but they are back with some awesomeness!
They are very excited to bring you their next creative event this September 29th and 30th 2017 which features Ama K Abebrese and Kwaku Boateng Ankomah
To all Actors and any other creative person interested in the processes of acting, please do not miss this opportunity.
Kasa Mfoni are excited to present a two day practical acting workshop in Understanding Method Acting on the 29th and 30th September.
This workshop will be held by Professional Actor, and Acting Coach/Teacher, Kwaku Boateng Ankomah and supported by The ever talented and seasoned actress and presenter, Ama K Abebrese.
Here is some more info about The Acting Coach

> Kwaku started acting at the age of 16 in the UK, winning a place on the 3 week acting course at the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain (NYT) in London. This subsequently led him to perform a play with NYT on the West End stage, (Apollo Theatre) at the age of 16.

Kwaku Boateng Ankomah (Beast of No Nation)
Kwaku Boateng Ankomah (Beast of No Nation)

> He then auditioned, and was accepted on a scholarship into the world renowned drama school, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, (RADA) where his classmates included actors such as Ben Whishaw, who plays Q in James Bond. He studied acting from 2000 – 03. He then acted in theatre, film, TV and Radio in UK and around the world. Rada is known for great actors such as Gugu Mbatha Raw, Tom Hiddleston, Andrea Riseborough, Richard Attenborough, Anthony Hopkins, Alan Rickman, Kenneth Brannagh, Adrain Lester, Ralph Fiennes, Peter O’toole, Sean Bean, Gemma Arteton, Una Chaplin, Roger Moore, David Harewood, Sophie Okonedo, Tanya Moodie and many more.

Here are some of his acting credits; Batman Begins, Directed by Christopher Nolan, Cargo, Ultimate Force, La Chinois, Beasts of No Nation, Directed by Cary Fukunaga, The Cursed Ones, Directed by Nana Obiri Yeboah, and a vast array of theatre plays.

Kwaku was an acting teacher at the Identity Drama School in London, the first black drama school in London. At Identity, he taught acting to Rising Hollywood stars such as John Boyega (Lead Actor in Star Wars, Attack the Block) and more. He also taught and has acted with Malachai Kirby, (Lead Actor, who played Kunta Kinte in the most recent adaptation of Roots).

He was also the main Casting Director in Ghana for Beasts of No Nation, and is applauded for his casting agency, Academy talent management, finding Abraham Attah and Emmanuel Adom, Actors in Beasts of No nation. “I interviewed Abraham at Ashaiman cluster of schools on video. He was very bright, warm and open to the audition. We then sent the tapes of to Cary Fukunaga in LA. We also found ‘Strika’ Emmanuel Adom, in kokomba, sodom and Gomorra. As soon as I saw him, I knew he would be perfect casting for the character described as striker in the full script I had been sent to read. Again we sent the videos to the director in LA who seemed very excited about his performance. The whole process of casting was very long but worth it. Towards the end of the Ghana casting, they sent their Guy from LA, who finalised all castings. ”

You can see his truly emotion packed performance as the Army Captain in Beasts of no Nation, as he shares the screen time with Abraham Attah and Idris Elba.

> He runs an array of creative companies; a drama academy called Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, Accra, a training ground for children between 3 yrs to 18 to develop communication skills, confidence and self esteem. He also runs private acting sessions in screen acting and Method acting. He runs a talent management and casting agency, Academy Talent Management & Casting Agency, and runs a creative and networking events company named Kasa Mfoni.

He is very passionate about training actors to understand the art of acting, thus understanding themselves and the world around them much more clearly.

Facilitating the workshops is the renowned Actress and Presenter, Ama K Abebrese, whose acting credits include, ‘Ties that Bind’, ‘Sinking Sands’, and Beasts of No Nation and very recently, sink or swim. Ama’s incredible talent, skill and passion for her craft is visible in all she does. We are excited to have her join this 2 day workshop.

Kwaku says, ” I have had and continue to have the privilege to work with top Hollywood actors, directors, producers, etc and have seen and experienced the processes that an actor takes during preparing for a role, either by my self acting in films, such as my roles the Army Captain in Beasts of No Nation, or working with colleagues on a project and seeing their processes. After all these experiences, It has become ever more clear to me, the importance of training as an actor, not necessarily in the sense of a traditional acting school training, though I believe that’s worthwhile and important, but more so, the actor personally seeking a qualified, talented acting coach, or teacher to help build up their acting skills on a consistent basis. In Hollywood and other established film industries, it is standard for top actors to have acting coaches and be going to acting lessons, even after winning oscars for best actor. In fact I would argue, it becomes more critical to have more acting lessons. Actors are constantly learning, honing their skills, perfecting their craft. It is through this that the beauty of what you see on the giant and small screens, are the amazing performances worthy of Oscar nomination. Another thing to bear in mind is that around 80 percent of oscar winners in Hollywood use a type of acting technique called Method Acting. Like all things that are not understood clearly, there is always a misrepresentation of what it is. The workshops are going to breakdown exactly what method acting is, and how important it is for an actor to grasp the use of it for their work.

If you feel you want real, truthful, honest, alive acting, where your acting is consistent in every shot, in every movie you are in etc, then this workshop is for you. I will talk through the techniques used whilst going through a lot of practical examples for you to learn the technique that Hollywood actors use in their performances. You will get direct access to what the top actors in Hollywood are using to get such convincing performances. All you need to be, is fully committed to learning, open to learn and you will discover a life changing acting technique which is guaranteed, when learnt properly, to change your acting forever.

My main aim is to change the quality of acting on the screens that we see now in Ghana. I believe we are very capable of doing this If we indeed treasure the fact that training for an actor is critical, and not just an afterthought, but the whole reason that they grow or fail. If you want to truly stand out from the rest and be able to audition for any film that comes into the country or within the country, with full confidence and conviction of your acting ability, then please come along to this workshop,

I have friends from abroad who are producers, directors, screenwriters, and top Hollywood actors who are extremely excited about what I am doing, and aligning themselves for the results of the future quality brand of actors that will appear in Ghana. They will then be enthused to bring new projects that can now come into Ghana as everything on the scene improves from the film technical aspects, to the writers, directors and producers in the Ghana industry moving up a level in their craft honing. Actors must not be left behind.

So for all actors who are extremely serious about their career and want to advance it, do come up for the workshop and go away with your acting changed for the better. ”

Kwaku says he will be giving the opportunity to everyone that comes to the workshop for possible representation with his talent agency, Academy talent management and casting agency, and also all that come will be put on the casting agency’s database for future castings of screen work, theatre, radio, etc.

> If you are interested in coming, Please call 0555004926 to register asap as space is limited!

> To all Actors and any other creative person interested in the processes of acting, please do not miss this opportunity to be taught by a genuine Talented Hollywood Actor and acting coach who is a UK/Ghanian now based in Ghana. You know you are a good actor, you have the raw talent, you know it needs to be trained. You have been thinking where can you get that genuine acting teacher to transform your acting? Well he is here. Call now!