Angela Hutti Bio, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Fox, Daughter, Net Worth

Angela Hutti is a renowned journalist and news broadcaster in St. Louis. Her name has been synonymous with the FOX 2 News since 1995. There’s no doubt that Angela Hutti is a familiar name among residents of this beautiful city.

Bio and Age

Angela Hutti is a St. Louis native. She was born on May 17th, 1973, which makes her 48 years old. Angela Hutti graduated from Southern Illinois University, where she obtained a degree in Mass Communications.

Growing up, Angela Hutti always had an interest in journalism, and she pursued her passion. Angela’s dream of becoming a journalist was realized when she landed a role at KTVI Fox 2 News in 1995.


Being a TV personality, fans are always curious about Angela’s height. Angela Hutti has a decent height of 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Family and Husband

Angela Hutti is a family-oriented person, and she often shares heartwarming family moments on her social media platforms. She is married to her loving husband, Brian, and they have a beautiful daughter named Isabella.

Angela and her family are often seen spending quality time together, and they love exploring new places and creating memories.


Angela Hutti has been with KTVI Fox 2 News for over two decades. She has served in various capacities, including anchor and reporter. Angela Hutti is part of the FOX 2 weather team and delivers weather updates, especially on weekends.

Angela has received several awards for her exceptional reporting throughout her career. She is highly respected in the journalism industry and has become a household name in St. Louis.


Angela Hutti is a proud mother of her beautiful daughter, Isabella. Angela and her daughter share a close bond, and they often spend time together as a family.

Previously, Angela struggled with infertility and shared her journey on social media platforms. She shared her struggles candidly to sensitize people about the importance of being kind and compassionate to people going through infertility.

Net Worth

Angela Hutti’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. She has made significant strides in her journalism career and has worked with different media outlets throughout her career.

Being a prominent TV news anchor, Angela Hutti’s salary is impressive, and her net worth is set to increase over the coming years.

Hobbies and Interests

Angela Hutti has several hobbies and interests outside of her journalism career. She is a fervent traveler and has explored several destinations around the world.

Angela is also an animal lover and enjoys spending time with her pets. She has a penchant for trying out new cuisines and considers herself a foodie.

Social Media

Like most media personalities, Angela Hutti is active on social media platforms. She has a considerable following on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where she shares updates on her career and personal life.

Angela’s social media platforms offer a glimpse into her life behind the scenes and provide fans with unique insights into her personality.

Personal Philosophy

Angela Hutti believes in celebrating life’s little victories, and her personal philosophy is centered around the mantra “count your blessings.” She believes that gratitude is essential to cultivating a positive mindset and finding contentment in life.

Angela believes in using her platform to advocate for social justice and is passionate about promoting charitable causes that promote social inclusivity.

Final Thoughts

Angela Hutti’s journalism career spans over two decades, and she has achieved incredible success in the industry. She is a respected and well-loved media personality in St. Louis, and her friendly and relatable persona has endeared her to many.

Angela’s personal life is an inspiration to many, and she has become an advocate for social inclusivity and a voice for the less fortunate. Overall, Angela Hutti is an embodiment of grace, resilience, and ambition, and her career has set a milestone for aspiring journalists.