It’s Armageddon In Indonesia – Humans Vs Crocodiles

It’s Armageddon In Indonesia – Humans vs Crocodiles

In Soron-Indonesia, a club-and-machete wielding mob butchered nearly 300 crocodiles in a brutal act of revenge after a local man was killed by a crocodile, according to AFP.

There were dozens of dead crocodiles covered in blood piled on top of each other after the attack by the locals on a crocodile breeding farm in Papua province.

The massacre

According to police officials, a 48-year-old man was killed by a crocodile on Saturday after he entered an enclosure whiles looking for grass to feed his livestock.

According to the head of Indonesia’s Natural Resources Conversation Agency, Basar Manullang, “one of the crocodile farm employees heard someone screaming for help and ran to the scene with others, where they saw a person being devoured by a crocodile.

The man’s family and a number of locals who were angry over the farm’s location which was near a residential area, marched to the local police station where they were told that the breeder of the crocodile farm will pay a compensation.

An unsatisfied mob headed to the crocodile farm armed with clubs, knives, machetes and shovels which they used to slaughter about 292 crocodiles, including palm-sized babies to two-metre adults.