Celebrated rapper Sarkodie has urged Ghanaians and music lovers to support their works by purchasing their music from the various paid platforms.


The biggest challenge in monetizing content online is that it gets pirated for free downloads. Some of the various websites and music streaming platforms give out songs for free, to the detriment of the artistes.

The issue of Copyright infringement has been a headache for most creative persons and musicians are not exempted. Lots of revenue due artistes are lost to free downloads and illegal uploads.

However, Sarkodie in a lengthy post on twitter today cautioned bloggers to avoid putting out their songs for free downloads and rather push links to paid platforms.

He added that doing this will encourage people to develop the culture of purchasing their works online.

He again encouraged fans to opt for music from paid platforms to support their artistes if they’re indeed true fans.

There are a lot of platforms that artists put our music … if you are a true fan, please purchase the music… it’s no different from the so called free sites cos you are still using data(and that’s still money) – he said

Read his rants below