Ayigbe Edem Bemoans The Hypocrisy And Lack Of Support From Fellow Ghanaian Acts

The talk of town lately in Ghana’s entertainment industry has been talks about playing 80% Ghanaian content.

Shatta Wale even suggested that 95% of songs played on Ghanaian radio stations should be Ghanaian songs. All these are attempts to revamp the Ghanaian music industry and take it a step further.

However, in stark contrast to “The Support Your Own Mantra”, Ayigbe Edem has pointed accusing fingers at the very own Ghanaian Artistes for failing to support themselves.

Edem bemoaned the lack of support from his fellow Ghanaian entertainers and stated that some Ghanaian Artistes do not even like their own fellow Artiste’s pictures on Instagram but rather rush to like the pictures of American and Nigerian stars.

It’s sad, isn’t it?