‘Bad Luck Joe’ Starring Chris Attoh, Sika Osei, Michelle Attoh & Adomaa Premiers In October

Apex Advertising & Post Production will be premiering their latest Ghanaian movie titled ‘Bad Luck Joe’ on October 5 at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra.

The proudly made in Ghana movie which is a seriously, hilarious, romantic dramedy stars Chris Attoh, Sika Osei, Michelle Attoh and Adomaa and written, produced and directed by Ramesh Jai.

‘Bad Luck Joe’ is the story of Joe, Abena, Zuri, Elizabeth and other everyday people who get caught up in a power play between two widows, Madam Francesca and Aunty Beatrice who are fighting over their husband, Patapaa’s properties.

It’s a story of greed, hatred and tolerance. But above all a story of love. Love that is expressed and love that is supressed. It’s wildly entertaining with hilarity at every turn.

Bad Luck Joe teaches us that underneath all the layers, the things we love and crave determines the lengths we will go; could be the love for a partner, a parent or for money. Take a peek into human nature and have some fun while you go it.

Chris Attoh is at his most compelling in this movie; one can’t help but feel what he feels, his desperation is palpable.

Chris Attoh
Chris Attoh

Sika Osei brings energy and honesty in this once in a lifetime role and delivers beyond expectations.

Sika Osei

Acclaimed singer Adomaa makes her acting debut and acts with grace and subtleness that one would expect from a seasoned actress.


And the ever young and beautiful Michelle Attoh is going to multiply her fanbase with a hilarious portrayal of her character.

Michelle Attoh
Michelle Attoh

The new movie will be shown on October 5, 2018 at the Silverbird Cinemas in Accra.