Actor and producer, Salinko has reunited with Mmebusem aka Local Jesus after their much publicised fall out.

Salinko gave Mmebusem his major break in the acting industry, as the latter portrayed Jesus Christ but in a more comical manner in a series dubbed Boys Abre which was produced by the former.

However, rumors of jealousy/envy on the part of Salinko, disagreements over the monies due Mmebusem as well as pride on the part of Mmebusem ensured that their friendship came to an abrupt end.

But in a video found on social media, Salinko crashed into Mmebusem at an event on Christmas Day.

In the conversation that ensued between both parties, Salinko asked Mmebusem if they should expect another Jesus to which they answered simultaneously, citing that he (Mmebusem) is the original version of Ghana’s Jesus and that the rest are fake!

Watch the video below:

So there you go! Should we expect these two to start working together anytime soon?