Bradley Barley Donates To ADA Hospital

Musician Bradley Barley has had quite a busy schedule ever since his arrival in the new year.
The Ghanaian born musician has already made his first TV appearance on FNN TV STATION.
During the interview, the singer spoke about his stay and lifestyle in China and also delved into his charity work briefly. In his last visit to Ghana which was four months ago, the young socialite paid a visit to the Ada district hospital to make enquiries on what they needed for the children’s ward, assuring them that he will be back to make a donation.
He is back this year to honor his promise and he is going with his team,family and friends to donate to the children’s ward at the Ada District hospital.
This will be his 3rd annual charity event since he started in 2016 with his selfie for charity and food project in 2017.
“this 1 out of 2 projects VISIT/Donation to the Ada District Hospital. my focus for the hospital is to provide stuff for the children’s ward,and the stuff are to cater to the children’s needs and wellbeing “said Bradley Barley.
To donate or ask for info about this 024-5176221,027 900 4477 sponsored by