Catherine Agbaje (Love Island) Bio, Age, Height, Family, Dating, Net Worth

Catherine Agbaje, also known as Kaz, is a 26-year-old contestant on the hit UK reality show, Love Island. Originally from Essex, England, Kaz has quickly become a fan favorite due to her bubbly personality and relatable nature.

Early Life and Family

Kaz was born on October 2, 1994, to Nigerian parents in Essex. She grew up in a tight-knit family and has two younger siblings. Kaz graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Fashion Communications and Promotion.


After graduating, Kaz started working for a PR agency, where she gained experience in the fashion industry. She later pursued a career in influencer marketing, where she has worked with various brands and companies.

Love Island

Kaz rose to fame after appearing on the latest season of Love Island. She entered the villa on Day 1 and immediately caught the attention of the male contestants, including Toby Aromolaran and Aaron Simpson. Kaz has also formed strong bonds with the female contestants, including Sharon Gaffka and Liberty Poole.


Kaz has been involved in several romantic relationships on Love Island, including one with Toby Aromolaran, which ended in heartbreak after he pursued a relationship with another contestant. However, Kaz has since found love with new arrival, Tyler Cruickshank, and the two have become one of the show’s most popular couples.

Personal Life

Kaz is very family-oriented and regularly shares posts on social media with her siblings and parents. She is also passionate about fashion and beauty, often sharing her favorite looks and products with her followers.

Net Worth

Kaz’s exact net worth is unknown, but she has made a name for herself in the influencer marketing world and is likely earning a substantial income from sponsored posts and brand partnerships.

Height and Body Measurements

Kaz stands at 5’6″ and has a toned physique. She is often seen wearing figure-hugging clothing that shows off her curves.

Social Media Presence

Kaz has a strong social media presence, with over 810k followers on Instagram and 10.5k followers on Twitter. She regularly posts updates on her Love Island journey and shares behind-the-scenes moments with her followers.

Fun Facts

  • Kaz is a huge fan of Beyonce and has attended several of her concerts.
  • She once auditioned for the X Factor but did not make it past the first round.
  • Kaz is a big foodie and loves to cook.
  • She is a Leo and has a tattoo of a lion on her wrist.
  • Kaz is fluent in both English and Yoruba, her parents’ native language.

In conclusion, Kaz is a dynamic and charming individual who has quickly become a fan favorite on Love Island. Her relatability and positive attitude have made her a role model for many viewers, and we can’t wait to see where her career takes her next.