To most students, the word examination could easily pass off as the most dreaded. Students tend to run helter skelter anytime examination period is fast approaching. Ideally, that ought not be the case.

However, how many students boldly turn up to face their examination papers? I think that the concept of examination must be explained better to students so that they do not see exams as a “monster” but simply as a way of proving that learning has taken place.

This year’s WASSCE has been filled with some success stories of students who “blew” the paper.

But for this student of Yaa Asantewaa Girls Senior High School, the narrative was different.

A photo has gone viral which indicates that this student failed woefully – she managed to accumulate 8 F9’s.

So is it that this anonymous student has genuine academic problems?

What can be done to ensure that such a result becomes a thing of past?