The adage ‘hard work beats talent if talent refuses to work hard’ is as realist an adage as ever. However, what’s also real is that sometimes, it’s not only about working hard – one’s geographical location also counts.

Can you explain why France, despite having majority of its playing body being Africans won the World Cup in 2018? Are we sure that if these African footballers (who became French citizens) were raised elsewhere thus in Africa, they would have won the World Cup?

So let’s talk about comedy in Ghana. Gone were the days when we used to be thrilled by the likes of Bob Okala, Bob Santo, Judas and the likes……now, new faces such as OB Amponsah, DKB, SDK Dele and Comedian Waris have stepped up to fill the huge boots left by these iconic Ghanaian comedians. These ‘newbies’ are doing their best however, Comedian Waris feels that they are underappreciated!

In a tweet, Warris confessed to being envious of how Nigerians hyped their comedians whereas, Ghanaians……almost always dwell on negativity. Warris’ comments sparked massive debates; some Ghanaians agreed that we have a PHD (PULL HIM DOWN) syndrome whiles others also said he’s taking the easier route of ‘complaining’ and is also refusing to work hard.

So what’s your take? Are Ghanaian comedians not funny enough or it’s just a matter of well, PHD???

These are what some Ghanaians think:

Well, watch Comedian Warris’ first piece of comedy this year and be your own judge: