Dan Kweku Yeboah Reveals Monthly Salary During His Tenure As The NC’s Spokesperson

After Ghana’s abysmal showing in the 2019 AFCON coupled with the gargantuan budget that was read out by the sports minister, Hon. Isaac Asiamah, Dan Kweku Yeboah received a lot of bashing from Ghanaians – and deservedly so.

During the tenure of Kwesi Nyantakyi, Dan Kweku Yeboah was known as one of his avid critics. And so when he was chosen as the spokesperson for the Normalization Committee (NC), a lot of people expected that Dan Kweku Yeboah’s output to ensure that corruption be far from the NC would be immense.

However, it was not to be so. Dan Kweku Yeboah became notorious for maintaining a strange stance – he opined that since he was a recipient of part of the money allocated for the Black Stars’ AFCON expenditure, he had “no moral right” to criticize the gargantuan budget and urged others who received monies to also do same.

He has resigned from the NC and in explaiing the rationale behind his resignation said that, “The intentions of the President of Ghana was noble. He did everything to ensure we avoided a global ban from football. There wasso much goodwill from Ghanaians at the beginning but we can’t say same for today. The leadership has lost direction. The NC leadership has lost direction. We criticized the former administration but this is not the sort of leadership we bargained for in all honesty”.

However, during an interview he revealed that he earned 4200 cedis monthly during his stint as the spokesperson of the NC.

He said, “I was working for the liaison team without receiving a pesewa before the NC was set up by FIFA. I had my appointment letter when the NC was set up. I was receiving 4200 cedis after deductions.