Telomeres which are the bright spots on the DNA

Biblically, after the fall of Adam and Eve, mankind became predestined to die. We are born, live and all things being equal, we grow old and die. The religious perspective of life always has it that death has never been an original plan of God our creator.

Interestingly, genetic engineers, Jose Luis Cordeiro and David Wood have come out with an interesting research about the possibility of human immortality. They believe that by 2045 which is 27 years from now, death as a result of ageing will be done away with. In a presentation at Barcelona’s Equestrian Circle, these two genetic engineers reasoned that nanotechnology and other genetic manipulation techniques offer a valid way of creating human immortality.

“Killing” death will involve manipulating bad genes to become good, eliminating dead cells from the body, repairing damaged cells, producing more glutathione which is the body’s natural antioxidant as well as treatment with stem cells.

It is a bit of an open secret that ageing is caused by an inability of the cells and tissues to be repaired after damage due to prolonged use. The multi million cedi question is; what if we can get the body’s cells and tissues to be repaired after damage irrespective of our biological ages?

Another issue that needs to be dealt with is the issue of food. Research proves that the consumption of polished foods as well as foods laced with fertilizers are health hazards. Per the principle that food is the ultimate fuel for the body and as such must be of genuine quality, what if we all embrace a wellness campaign which includes proper exercising based on our developmental stage coupled with healthy food choices?

There is also the onset of DNA tails known as ‘telomeres’ in chromosomes becoming shorter which leads to ageing. The issue of ageing therefore balls down to simple logic. If shortening of Telomeres leads to ageing then it implies that lengthening the Telomeres will relegate ageing to the background.

It has been found out that Telomeres become damaged and shortened within the passage of time, resulting in the speedy build up of toxins entering the body. Alcoholism, smoking and air pollution are also grave causes that lead to length reduction of the Telomeres hence accelerating the unwanted process of ageing.

Cordeiro and Wood believe that if we view ageing as an illness then it becomes easier to fight it however if we view ageing as part of life’s vicious cycle then we only succumb to the cruel results of ageing.

Even if immortality is going to be achieved which I doubt, I am more enthused about the possibility of being healthy and strong despite one’s old age.

There are really interesting times ahead and we are enthusiastically waiting on this mind boggling research to be finally completed.

Baiden Gideon
[email protected]