Dzato & Grace find love on Date Rush, head to Dubai as best couple

Dzato and Grace won the ultimate prize in the maiden edition of Date Rush Viewers Choice Awards held on July 4 having been voted the best couple of the season.

TV3’s date-matching reality show in its seasons four and five, has for the past six months created a platform for people desirous of finding their better halves to take advantage of the opportunity. Many came, some found partners, others found friends, and some others found soul mates. Others found nothing.

For Dzato and Grace, they say, they found love in each other.

“I came on Date Rush to find love. Thank you TV3 for making me meet the love of my love”, Dzato declared as he took the award for the best couple of season.

His ‘soulmate’, Grace said her success story is a testament to the genuine intentions of the show which is for people to find love.

“I want you all to use me as a testimony. People say Date Rush is scripted. Use me as a testimony. I came here purposely to find love and here I am. I found love. Thank you Ghana. Thank you world for voting for me”, she said.