Ebony Reigns Sacked From Her Label?

One of Ghana’s finest Afro-Dancehall songstresses, Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng also known as Ebony Reigns could be sacked from her record label, Rufftown Records/Midas Touch Inc., headed by Bullet of Ruff N Smooth.

The 20-year-old singer, who is currently leading the female pack in Ghana, is said to have been constantly exhibiting gross misconduct at her label and would not adhere to any advice or directives from her manager, Bullet.

Ever since Ebony hit the limelight, she’s said to have been rude towards her manager and other management members.

A source close to her camp told that Bullet is mad at her for constantly breaching their contract and may soon terminate her contract if she remains obdurate.

The source said: “Ebony has changed and doesn’t listen to her management and now doing her own thing even though she is under contract with Rufftown Records.”

Ebony’s behaviour isn’t the only problem Bullet and her label have, we are told her father is in the mix.

We are told her father is linked with a Nigerian record label seeking a new contract for her without the knowledge of Ebony’s current record label and her boss, Bullet.

“Her (Ebony) father has gone to sign a record deal with a Nigerian record label without the knowledge of her boss, Bullet,” our source said.

Bullet discovered Ebony in 2015 and through his guidance and financial support, the ’90s Bad Girl’ broke through the limelight with ease.

A source said Bullet is the pen behind about 90% of Ebony’s hit songs.

We are told Bullet wrote “Dancefloor”, “Kupe”, “Poison” and her latest hit song “Sponsor”.

Should the break up happen? If yes, do you think Ebony will be able to survive without Bullet?