EDITORIAL: Washing The Va.gina After Urinating Has Nothing To Do With Religion – Every Female MUST Practice It

If those who follow religion and the God-concept would take time to analyze their doctrines critically irrespective of personal attachment, indoctrination, and sectarianism, they would realize that some of the doctrines actually have nothing to do with faith (God, Deity or a god) but a sheer conformity to the realities of life.

One of such doctrines is the washing of the va.gina after urinating and or defecating – a religious practice by females in the Islam faith – as far as I know. Though men in this faith wash their phallus too after peeing or pooing, the females are the focus here.

The female Anatomy

The practice is called istanja (in Arabic) which means, to clean urine and stool off private parts after urination and defecation. It is not permissible to do istanja with any paper containing writing or fit for being written on. Toilet paper is used to dry private parts [after istanja].

The right process is that after defecation, a woman should wash the filth on her anus from the front to the back. If she washes it from the back to the front, she may move the filth to her genital area and cause infection. That is the right way the Prophet directed Islamic females do istanja.


Obviously, this practice of washing the va.gina after nature’s call, is also an issue of personal hygiene – health issue for that matter! You don’t need to believe in Mohammed, Allah, or any celestial being to practice it! It’s an issue that transcends faith! In fact the essence of this practice, even in the religious sense, is cleanliness!

Holy Quoran

If you have grown up using toilet paper, think of how we clean a baby when changing its diaper. Do we merely use toilet paper on a baby? No! We usually use a wet wipe – because, it is cleaner to have something “wet”. Toilet paper on its own is only a wiping device, not a sanitary one or whatsoever. Unfortunately, what adults intrinsically think of when caring for infants, is forgotten when caring for themselves.

Toilet Roll (T- Roll)

At every moment when one (male or female), urinates or defecates, there’s a slight remains of these waste substance left on the external excretory organ (s) – i.e. anus and or and va.gina. In the case of males, the health implications isn’t too much of a menace – compared to the females who mostly wear tighter pants, jeans, and trousers from morning till evening.

Water Closet (WC)

Notwithstanding the closeness of the va.gina to the anus, and in our tropical zone (Africa), the intensive heat that is accommodated down there. The place becomes a comfortable spa for yeast infections to toxic shock syndromes and create that pungent feotor you and me can’t stand – jog your nose!

GH actress Moesha Bodoung love them tight

In a privileged chat with a Casanova friend on the subject, he shared: “Muslim ladies have the cleanest va.gina – especially the Zongo ones! Don’t go there! They are cleaner compared to…….I’m speaking from experience.”

The above confession is not conclusive to say all women who do not wash their coochie after urinating or defecating are not clean though. There are many who are very clean. The import of the subject actually touches on two things – wash and refresh the private part for odourlessness as well as ensure infection-free genital!

The above advantages, make this subject very crucial, and females who practice cleaning of the genitals after nature call, are better placed – compared to those who don’t.

Cross section of the Va.gina

One of our many deficiencies in knowledge acquisition in life is that we allow our faith to fob us – so we are unable to realize the essence of some of the teachings. Smart ones go for the essence – not just the knowledge.

Many religious followers are so potty with their respective doctrines so much that, they don’t realize the essence of their own teachings. “If it’s not coming from my faith or leader, no need to analyze it or adopt it” – that is the posture of many and I say, “That is not a score of intelligence!”

Another similar faith/religious injunction is fasting. One does not need to believe in any God to fast or believe in fasting! Fasting is simply one of the best ways of allowing the body detoxify itself from harmful wastes stored up in it for a long time. This is science – not just faith!

Osarfo Anthony – – Editor of

By this editorial, throw a challenge to all females – young or old, religious, Atheists or Agnostics, Christians, Hare Krsna devotees, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. to just wash the coochie after urinating or defecating. Once again, it has not much to do with religion. It’s personal hygiene – good for you, better for your man, best for your union! Until then…MOTWUM!!

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