What was supposed to be private between two consenting adults has somewhat become a public spectacle as Ernest Opoku and his former girlfriend remain in the news.

A day after caning gospel musician Ernest Opoku in the studio of Adom FM, actress Gladys Mensah Boaku popularly known as Nayas has been invited by the police, charged with unlawful entry but granted bail.

This happened after Ernest Opoku and host of Adom FM’s live worship, Kwamena Idan, filed a complaint against the ‘lover’ of the gospel at the Nima Police yesterday (Monday).

Nayas, on Monday afternoon got into Adom FM studios and lashed Ernest Opoku with a cane she had hidden in her dress. The musician who was singing songs of worship live on the radio show when the actress entered. The stroke of the cane made him end the singing abruptly, disrupting the programme.

The host of Adom Live Worship, Kwamena Idan, speaking about how the lady got into the studio told citinewsroom.com, that “the lady lied to our receptionist that she was among the singers, but she was late.”

A few weeks ago, Nayas (real name Gladys Mensah Boaku) told the media Ernest had asked her to abort a three-month-old pregnancy he is responsible for.

She also recounted how she fed the gospel musician and gave him all he needed just for him to have ditched her because she is pregnant.

Ernest Opoku later confirmed the claims of the actress but attributed it to the works of the devil.

“Mistakes are committed by human beings. I am not an angel. The Bible says the righteous shall fall seven times, but God shall lift him up,” he said.

He, therefore, advised the public to beware of the devil because he destroys human beings through various means including women and money.

“Beware of the devil because he comes in different forms to destroy. He comes in the form of money, women. Henceforth, I will be very vigilant in life and look up to God because he has the final say in our lives,” he further stated.

Nayas is currently demanding an apology from Ernest Opoku and a retraction of any false information he has put out in the public domain.

Source: citinewsroom.com