EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Tinny and Pope Skinny Disgrace Themselves In Public

Acclaimed Ga rapper Tinny made a mess of himself at the recently held Homowo Jams when he prevented the Labadi Music acts from performing on stage for long. According to EonlineGhana.Com‘s reporter, Tinny who was the headline act restricted the homegrown Labadi music acts to two songs on stage per artist.

An upcoming artist known as Wiser performed two songs and was about to perform the third track when the DJ killed the music.

The perturbed artist was visibly shocked by the DJ’s decision which led to him speaking profanities into the microphone. This disrespectful act led to his ban by the La Traditional Council. He’s been suspended indefinitely and wont be performing on stage in Labadi again.

Tinny performed his latest single “Totomli” which features Shatta Wale and the elders were not enthused about the profanity of the song. Some remarked that “they left their homes to, come watch the Labadi Youth entertain them but look at the stupid profane song Tinny is performing to”. EonlineGhana.Com inside reporter also reveals that an unknown guy from Tinny’s camp wanted to start a brawl with Kazuka, another Labadi Music act backstage but he was controlled.

As if that was not enough disgrace for the night, EonlineGhana.Com is reliably informed that Pope Skinny who has also been struggling to make a comeback into the music scene decided to do the unimaginable by showing his a$$ to the crowd. Pope Skinny who was on stage performing shamefully showed his behind to the crowd during his act.

Pope Skinny shows his b*tt on stage

Other highlghts of the night was a splendid performance from the “international fisherman”, Gasmilla, who thrilled the patrons to his hit song “Telemo” and also a poor performance from the Ewe Rapper Edem.