Exlcusive: Kwaku Manu Predicts Another Circle Disaster If Authorities Do Not Do This One Thing

Kwaku Manu Tells Us All In Mmabun Ahyia TV Show

On Saturday 18th Of June 2016, Famous Kumawood Actor Kweku Manu Made An Appearance On The Celebrity Interview Segment Of One Of The Most Trending Youth Show ; ‘Mmabun Ahyia’ On Light TV. The Local Actor Touched On Certain Issues And Made Some Revelations Which Were Pretty Interesting that We Would Love To Share With You.

Kwaku’s Foray Into Acting
I’m very sure you have been wondering how such a talent snaked his way into the local movie industry. Actually Kwaku Manu spilled the beans by telling us how he used to be a P.A, Production Assistance before starship found him. According to Kwaku, he used to be the one that made sure locations for shooting are taken care of before any set arrangements. He remembered having swept some of the locations before shooting begins. During the interview, he explained how the movie stars at the time admired him so much because of his generosity and hardwork on set. Through that the actors usually recommended him to some of the directors to showcase his talent, and that made all the difference.

Agya Koo Produced Kwaku Manu’s Maiden Movie

According to Kwaku Manu on the Mmabun Ahyia Show, a colleague actor Agya Koo was the producer of his first ever movie “Eda Wanim”. Of course those were the time that Agya Koo was at the peak of his acting career and decided to give the young Kwaku a shot. Kwaku Manu didn’t play any major role as he was just part of some church elders in the mentioned movie.

Kwaku Replies Kumawood Critics

Seasoned Host Nana Otu Darko posed a question to the actor regarding people’s criticisms of Kumawood movies. Kwaku Manu was very passionate in his response, he thinks there are just some few movies out there with low quality that are degrading the whole Kumawood industry. So he challenged people to watch some of their rich settings that they portray in their movies to project our values and pertinent theatre ethics.

Kwaku Manu & Abraham Attah

Few of us are oblivious about the sensational young actor Abraham and issues surrounding his stardom. According to Kwaku Manu, he totally supports the statement made by the youngster on the fact that he will not feature in local movies. Read the translated version of what he said “the kind of platform that Abraham Attah has been featured on is not a small platform, people he had had the chance to move with are the ones we are dreaming to even take pictures with; if I were to be in Abraham Attah’s shoes, like no one will even see my face in this country. I don’t have a problem with him if he says he won’t feature in local movies, all that we have to do is to give him our maximum support because wherever he goes he goes as a Ghanaian”

His Take On Social Issues

Kwaku Manu made a prediction about another Circle disaster if Authorities refuse to be on their toes. He called for immediate demolition of houses on water ways which has become one of the main causes of flooding in our cities. Moreover, he said as long as our gutters, outlet and downspout are filled with filth, the gutters will overflow causing flooding in our homes.

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By Barimah Amoaning Samuel ([email protected])