Fans Roast Fella Makafui For Dying Her Hair Blue (+PHOTOS)

Actress Fella Makafui stirred up controversy online for the choice of her hair color.

Fella Makafui Blue Hair
Fella Makafui Blue Hair

The budding actress from YOLO who parades herself online as the King Of Queens, decided to switch up the color of her signature short hair and the fans were not feeling it.

In a very daring move, Fella dyed her hair blue — a choice many claimed was a complete faux pas.Fella Makafui Blue Hair

And as usual, they poured out their displeasure through a series of comments on the set of photos posted hours ago on the actress’s instagram page.

Some of them read

arthur.princess In my honest opinion . This hair is not really a nice blend with your personality
shenaya5 upon all the picture editing the hair still looks horrible. somethings are just not for everyone.
shenaya5 I think this hair colour is a total turn off. Who was your inspiration? Sisqo, Pogba or Bobrisky?

obaa_yaa_yeboah_Sweetie pls kindly change ur hair colour no wai….na 3nfata wo koraaa @fellamakafui

obesebeanana Awwww fella i really like u….but ur hair paaa di££

a_blackstar10This is terrible… Please revert to your natural hair color.

mrjoebwouy Wo tiriwi sɛ pɛtɛ wate????????

valmalove_You look like an allian in skirt and heals????‍♀️ nice tho????

retrolov3Sister this hair di3 nfata wo

You can head over to her page for more comments. what do you also think about her hair colour, cool or nah?