Father of Many, Kennedy Agyapong Names All His 22 Biological Children; Explains Why He Abhors Abortion

Having twenty-two children and keeping track of all of them is quite a herculean task. However, Kennedy Agyapong has surprisingly done so.

And to prove that indeed, he cares for all of his children like he says, he was asked by Freda Adunyame to name all of them during the UPSIDEDOWN show on CITI TV.

When asked about why he fathered as many as 22 children, Kennedy Agyapong spoke about a life experience which made him abhor abortion.

Recounting his experience, Kennedy Agyapong said that when he was born, his grandfather who was a chief issued an instruction that he should be flushed down the laterine. However, that command was not followed….and here he is today!

He explained his position on abortion and even cited an example that even if he gets drunk and has sex with a prostitute and impregnates her, he will take custody of the child and will not sanction that the child be aborted.

Watch the video below: